What You Can Learn From Andrea Bocelli

On Sunday, I was booked for the biggest event I’ve ever done in my life: makeup and hair at Andrea Bocelli’s concert in Hallenstadion, Zurich (Just so you get an idea: Hallenstadion has space for over 11.000 people, and the concert was almost sold out!). I was honored to do makeup and hair for the two beautiful singers that sang with Bocelli (see one in the picture) as well as hairstyling for the guitar soloist and the ballet dancer. 

I was lucky enough to sneak in towards the end of the concert and listen to Andrea’s music for about half an hour. It was breathtaking, it was amazing, it was heart-warming… And when I saw one of the singers step on stage, video displayed on 3 huge screen, I was just blown away!! Tears started rolling down my cheeks… I was so touched by her performance, and it was magical to see my creation, my hair and makeup talent on her, displayed on such big size screens… I don’t have words to describe how overwhelmed I felt with emotions… It was a life-changing experience. Why am I sharing this with you? Because I truly felt I was on the right path!

Nothing can stop you… but YOU!!

What I really want to talk about is this… Andrea Bocelli is blind.

When he was little, he had 27 operations, which all couldn’t save his eyes. He discovered his passion for music at a very early age, and now look where this passion took him decades later! He fills concert halls around the globe, from Switzerland to Italy, Poland, Finnland, Portugal and the United States! And I’m talking big concert halls just like Hallenstadion!

Now, how much courage and belief does it take to get through 27 operations! Do you think he had to overcome fears? I’m sure he did! Do you think he was ever scared to follow his heart? Of course! Do you think he made mistakes along the way? Hell yes! AND DID HE DO IT ANYWAY?? YES!! Nothing stopped him from living his purpose and fully diving into his passion – not even his BLINDNESS! 

So wth are you waiting for? 

What is the block inside of you that keeps you away from living a life of purpose, fun, joy, beauty, and fulfillment? Being blind is indeed a severe thing. But believe me, if he can do it, you can do it, too! And if it’s just a little fear inside of you: everything you want is on the other side of fear! I can confirm this from my own experience, and working with Andrea has just given me even more confidence that I’m doing the right thing: following my heart and having fun along the way!

No-one else can go your way. 
No-one else has the talents, the love, and the passion you have.
And no-one else can stop you BUT YOU! 
So get the heck out of your way and shine like Andrea!!

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Love & Gratitude,