You HAVE to Read This Story

Beauties, I HAVE to share this AMAZING story of a true gogetter with you! But before I start, I want to wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hopefully you took some time to dream about the past year and also about what you want to reach in this new year!

Ok, so now, let’s start with the story!

It’s about one of my clients, a woman I know since childhood, but we had totally lost contact for many years. She reached out to me a few months ago, as she had been thinking about increasing her beauty feeling and creating a healthier lifestyle for a while. 

We had our first VIP session in September and oh yes, we digged really DEEP… 

She was heavily overweight, her no. 1 priority was her full time job, in which she was successful, but it regularly stressed her out (she was so obsessed, she literally went to say hi at her workplace on her days off!!) and left her with no time for self-care and love. Within a few weeks only, she was also in 3 car accidents, in which nothing bad happened to her, but it was certainly a clear wake up call that she needed to change something in her life. She also had some skin issues and wanted to learn more about makeup (actually the initial reason why she contacted me!). And why was she so obese? We talked about many things to find out where this might come from, and we finally ended up speaking about a story that happened when she was 5 (!!!!) years old!

She never really had a good relationship with her grandparents, 

and here’s why: Her grandparents had taken her out for lunch when she was 5 and forced her to finish the plate. It was not a children’s menu, it was a grown-up portion full of food! So she had to finish eating everything or they would get angry at her. And ever since then, she “had to finish that plate” or someone would get angry at her. So she always ate too much. And that’s what she continued doing until today when she’s about to turn 30. 

When we started working together in September, we created a new lifestyle for her.

And she had a clear goal of losing 10kg until December 31, 2016 (and more in 2017). She was so determined to reach this goal that she started working out 3 times a week, completely put herself first, is constantly caring less about work (don’t get me wrong: she’s still a super achiever at work, but when things don’t work well, she doesn’t let it stress her emotionally anymore) and also changed a lot of things in her nutrition. She stopped drinking coffee, eats green veggies daily, always checks the food labels and makes daily smoothies and juices. She sleeps more hours and takes her days off really OFF. Sounds amazing, right? We also looked at her skin and created a routine that matches her lifestyle and skin needs. On top of that, she learned how to use makeup for a simple and natural look, which gives her more confidence.

We also talked about LOVE. 

She had been wanting a boyfriend for a while, but can you see that she wouldn’t have any time for a partner with her schedule and focus on work? I told her to make space in her life. When you’re all filled up with things and stuff, you don’t have a free hand to reach out for something new (and good!!). And this also included decluttering BIG TIME! She threw away 3 huge bags of clothes and reorganized her office completely. So she had space in her wardrobe for a potential partner coming in! (This might sound ridiculous, but I did the exact same thing and it worked magically!!!)

And here’s what has happened until today:

She not only attracted a boyfriend that she’s very happy with, but on Jan 1, 2017, she weighed 10.2kg less than when we started!!! And her goal was 10kg! Isn’t that amazing? She has also gone down a size in her clothes! I’m so proud of her and please give her a hands, too! She’s such a vibrant girl now and still so determined to keep going, I really admire her willpower!

Now, how is it possible to do and achieve so much in such a short period of time?

she had a clear goal for her weight. It was not just “I want to lose weight”, she knew exactly HOW MUCH she wanted to lose by WHEN!
she decluttered big time! This gave her clarity and made it easier for her to focus on her goal.
she worked out. Working out is amazing for getting rid of stress and rebuilding the connection with the body.
she spoke up for herself and for what she wanted. Even her mom didn’t believe she would finally be able to lose weight! It’s not always easy to face people that are so close to us and speak about our desired!
+ the pain was too big to continue living like that.
she totally believed she could do it! (this is a big one!!)
we created strong affirmations to tell her subconscious mind that she can reach her goal and that she always has everything she needs to achieve what she wants. She listened to them EVERY SINGLE DAY on her way to work!
+ we connected weekly. This kept her accountable and motivated her to stay on track. 
+ she journaled. She even made daily videos that she wants to maybe turn into a blog later. 
she forgave her grandparents for creating that major blockage in her life from such a young age, which actually ruined her health and wellbeing dramatically. 
she was honest to herself and ready to do whatever it takes to get that dream lifestyle and health.
she was willing to say goodbye to her self-sabotage that allowed others to block her from living the balanced and fulfilling life she really wanted. 

Need I say more…? 

Just wanted to share with you that yes, we all have challenges, and yes, some are bigger than others, but how long do you want to continue living with those challenges? Isn’t TODAY a good day to start living the life you truly want? Shouldn’t today be the last day you accept that you’re being blocked by so many beliefs, people, and circumstances that you just don’t want anymore? Believe me: if she can do it, you can do it, too! If you’ve been challenged with something for a while now that you really want to leave behind in order to be able to fully step into your beauty and find balance in your everyday life (which by the way doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and find your purpose traveling the world!), you can book a discovery call with me here.

Hoping you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season, I truly wish you that all your dreams come true (just make sure you know exactly what you want and write it down first!)!


PS: If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, book your call now. I only have limited spots available, and I can’t wait to talk to you and see how I can support you on your journey to a balanced life full of beauty and sparkle!

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