#9 Natural Deodorants, Living An Active Life And Taking Action Now

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Sarah Moret is the founder & CEO of Curie Deodorant. Curie is an aluminum-free natural deodorant, that represents the simple belief that women can live healthier lives, starting with products they use on their bodies every day. Before starting Curie, Sarah worked as an investor, met hundreds of entrepreneurs, and was inspired by many of their journeys.

After learning about the harmful effects of aluminum, parabens, and other chemicals that are found in conventional antiperspirants, she tried every natural deodorant on the market and couldn’t find one that could keep up with her active lifestyle. So she decided to make herown. And that’s how Curie was born!


  • Why it's important to not only eat organic, but also care for your body from the outside

  • How to decypher beauty product ingredients and why not all chemicals are bad

  • Why any action is better than no action if you have a dream you want to work towards / not ONE DAY

  • Charity and why giving back is something you should start doing now

And so much more! 


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