5 Lessons About Beauty & Body

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I turned 30 last week and have had the best time ever since! It's a really big step in my life (even though I didn't take that step on purpose lol!) and I took some time to reflect on the past 30 years.

I will be sharing my TOP 30 LESSONS I've learned with you over the next few days, so you can live a better life, but also not make the same mistakes I made :) #modelingofexcellence

So today, we're starting with BODY & BEAUTY, which is really where everything in my business started.


Ah, this one makes me go crazy!! I hear this all the time when I ask someone: How are you? "I'm so tired today!". The funny thing is that usually the same people say the same thing every time I ask them. Every. Freakin'. Day! Like, really?

Sleep is the most powerful beautifying thing you can do for your body. While you sleep, your body can repair damage, get rid of toxins and rejuvenate. Sleep has a very anti-aging effect on our skin as well. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night for optimal regeneration of the body. May sound ridiculous and easy, but trust me, so many people suffer from sleep deprivation, insomnia or other sleep issues.

Listen to your body, and when you feel tired, get some rest.


In order to recover from any past trauma, emotional experience, heartbreak etc. and get that magical inside out glow, you HAVE to heal yourself. You can't just forget about and ignore what happened in your past. You really need to go there, forgive everyone involved, including yourself, heal yourself in whatever way feels good to you, and set yourself free from all the pain.

Everything we experience in life is stored in our energetic body. Don't let your body store anything toxic or negative when you can also be free, lively, happy, and fulfilled! Clear your chakras and detox whenever you feel there's something heavy in your life! #letgoandglow


The power of eating plants is incredible. Plants are SO smart, they have their own ecosystem where they communicate with each other in magical ways, and their energy is very lively and empowering.

Eating plants helps you technically extend your life. The telomeres inside our DNA, which with time get shorter and shorter (= aging) grow longer and make us look and feel younger.

Plants are full of nutrients and vitamins our body needs on a daily basis, plus they're also full of colors and help us activate and balance the chakras.

For example, root vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, onions have a very grounding effect on us, while greens are really good for the heart chakra and our respiratory system.

Try to eat fresh, local and organic wherever possible. Pro tip: Grow your own vegetables at home!


Mother nature is just... breathtaking. Being outside has a very calming effect on us, as our planet moves and lives at a very low frequency.

We ARE nature, but so many people feel so disconnected, sitting in our offices Monday to Friday, maybe even in a building with no view or not even daylight. I used to work in a mall, I never felt more disconnected to nature than during that time of being inside all day, not even seeing the sky or daylight.

It's the most unnatural thing!

I just watched Pocahontas with my boyfriend last week, and everything she does and believes in is in tune with nature. All wisdom is inside of us. We just need to connect back with our body and feel what it has to tell us. We can "hear" these messages so much clearer when we're connected with mother earth.


Body image issues were invented by humanity. Or should I say by businesses or by the media?

Do you think anyone worried about their shape or weight 50 years ago? I bet my grandma didn't care about the calories and the size of her jeans that she was wearing!

Your body is nature. It has all the wisdom it needs in order to be healthy. It knows 100% how to heal itself in order to function at its best.

Your body is literally ALL YOU HAVE! Objects, belongings, houses, cars, relationships are all temporary, come and go, and may fade. Your body, however, cannot just be replaced with another body.

It's your temple, so treat it like a temple!

Stop looking for outside validation, as it will NEVER satisfy you.

Find your validation within.

Love yourself and your body just as it is right now. Through loving yourself NOW, you will take better choices moving forward, skip some of those greasy burgers, eat less of the crap you used to eat, and choose healthier food options.

Through loving yourself NOW, you will honor your body and start working out regularly, too, which then has another amazing effect on your health!

It all starts with what YOU think about yourself and your body. You may as well stop hating that body of yours and finally give yourself some love.

If there's anyone in your life right now that needs to hear these lessons about body and beauty as well, it would make me really happy if you forwarded this email to them! <3

The next 5 lessons are going to be about ENERGY and the things I do to uplift and protect my energy!

Sending you lots of body positivity and beautifying vibes from Los Angeles, where I'm currently cultivating the most divine and feminine energy with my new sisters! Will be sharing more soon!

Love & Glow,


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