[Lesson 1] When Strategy Meets Spirituality...


Are you ready for some #lessons I learned in 2018 in my life and business that can actually transform your life this year?

These 5 lessons I'm sharing with you this week have literally decided over my success and happiness last year, and that's why I want you to get them and implement them in this new year - BECAUSE THEY WORK!

#1 When Strategy Meets Spirituality, Magic Happens

When I officially started my business in 2015 and left my full-time job, I thought I needed to become this "business" person. I started writing several pages long business plans, had my spreadsheets ready to show to any university professor (as though anyone had ever asked me!), learned about my competitors and had a very masculine plan about how I was going to navigate the business world with my creative beauty & health dream.

The only problem was that

  1. I had no idea what to do with this plan

  2. It felt SO unnatural to have all these numbers and weird words in there that I partly didn't even understand

  3. It just made me think "omg, I can NEVER do this!"

I thought in order to build a business and become a successful business woman, I had to wear heels and a blazer, walk around with a briefcase and talk revenue, turnover, and other words I didn't really understand. I thought THAT would make me successful.

But I never wear heels, blazers make me look like a clown, and numbers aren't my strength.

I am a creative and I'd rather wear yoga pants all day every day and meditate with crystals and essential oils.

What am I here to do on this Earth?

So after a few months of trying really hard to strategize, I gave up on the university-style business plans and started tuning into my heart. Before I could even start a business, I needed to figure out what it truly was that I wanted to do in this world. So I asked myself:

  • What do I love doing the most?

  • What makes me really happy?

  • What am I here to do on this Earth?

  • What have I gone through and mastered in my life that I can pass on to other women?

  • Why do I even want to have a business in the first place?

I asked myself these and many more questions. Now you can't really answer any of these questions in a few minutes. Figuring out your fundamental needs and desires takes time and - most importantly - silence.

That's when I started tapping into spirituality

I started meditating to calm the noise and all those voices that told me I needed a business plan or I could never be an entrepreneur because I wasn't that born as that kind of person etc.

I started journaling to tap into my subconscious mind to see what potential, creativity, and power was in there that would help me create my dream life.

I started healing past wounds, feelings of not being good enough, worked through the strong fears of failing, and straight up faced thoughts like "What if it doesn't work?".

I had to get all the clutter out of the way to truly connect with my deepest purpose and the confidence that I am here on this planet to share an important message.

And this message is that you are enough and you deserve a glowing life.

Period. And yes, I mean you personally!

This message has allowed me to build my business in the past few years to where it is today. 2018 has been the best year in my business, and I give credits to balancing the strategy and spirituality on a daily basis. I am grounded in what I do, why I do it, and how it makes the lives of the women I work with a better place.

This helped me host two international retreats in the tropics, two luxury events in Europe, and one Mastermind retreat all in less than one year.

This helped me get fully booked with clients for at least the next four months.

This helped me build a community of local glow girls that meet with each other for coffee, and my workshops sell out in less than three days.

It's all about the balance

Had I only followed the strategy and the plan without feeling fully excited in my heart, my business wouldn't be where it is today.

Had I only meditated and hoped for clients to fall into my lap without taking any action, it wouldn't be here either.

This is about finding the balance of what you strategize and plan for and what you attract with your vibration and your manifesting powers.

What is it that you want to achieve this year? Make a plan and then do the spiritual work.

If you feel like you could use a little help with your goals, hit reply and let me know what's going on and what's blocking you, and I will give you 1 spiritual tip to help you unblock!

This is not about being perfect and having the perfect strategy for your life setup. It's about listening to your heart and reconnecting with your intuition, which is your inner compass that always knows where you need to go next.