Behind The Scenes Of My Madrid Event

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So, last weekend, I hosted my first international Glow School Event in Madrid, Spain!

If you’re new here: Glow School is my online coaching course, which covers all elements of holistic health & beauty that I truly believe bring out that magic glow in you!

In Glow School, we cover everything from the law of attraction and how the subconscious mind works, to health and food, the chakra energy basics, essential oils and more nature love, skin health and skin care, natural makeup hacks, eco clothing and how to build a sustainable wardrobe, to how to manifest your dream lifestyle the exact way you want with the help of your mind and the universe.

To learn more about Glow School and to sign up, click here!

So, back to MADRID! When I finished high school and before I started university, I spent a few months working in Madrid to solidify and practice my Spanish speaking skills (I had studied Spanish 6 hours a week for 4 years!)!

I absolutely love this city, it’s my favorite city in the world, and that’s why it’s no surprise that I decided to host my first international event there!

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We always started our workshops with a guided chakra meditation, where I usually just feel into the energy of the girls and let my intuition guide me where the meditation goes. This is pretty powerful actually, I really don’t know where the words come that actually flow through me sometimes!

We then talked about self-love, deep healing of past wounds and traumas. We talked about forgiveness, too, which is SO important in the process of healing from whatever happened to you in the past.

While we had talked about self-love all the time during Glow School, I truly believe that there is never an end to the self-love journey. With every breakthrough, there comes a new layer that we can again break through :)

Every single woman was able to deeply let go of some massive blocks, shed some tears and feel the love and support of the other women. Absolutely loved every minute of it!

There’s nothing more clearing than crying it all out. The feeling after a painful cry can be so relieving and so free that you’ll want more of if :)


Besides the workshops, we had a photographer come over to take some photos of us - how fun!

On Saturday, we took an afternoon break in between the workshops and went to one of my favorite restaurants to eat some Tapas, typical Spanish food incl. tortilla de patatas, croquetas, and some pinchos. Yumm! Real Spain experience!

Saturday night was our celebration dinner, so we all got pretty, put our high heels on, and drank champagne in a beautiful private setting!

We had our own waiter take care of us while we were served the most delicious vegan and vegetarian dinner! The restaurant grows their own certified organic vegetables, and it could not have been more delicious!

For Sunday morning, I had organized a self-love Yoga class, after which we enjoyed a yummy healthy breakfast at my favorite hotel!

Their table decoration were lettuce plants (see photo!), their tea cups had positive words on it like "love" and "great ideas", and they served green smoothies in a light bulb glass with a straw. Total #glowstyle!

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It’s the women who participate who make ALL the difference at my eventsThe love they share, the support they give each other and the kind souls they have are just so beautiful!

My girls from Glow School have mostly known each other virtually from our private group course FB group and have already known little things about each other.

But let's be honest: Knowing someone on FB is just not the same as having dinner with them!

My glow girls came from all over the world, including Spain and the US, and I am just so happy that everybody loved Madrid! (Despite the awful weather lol, on Saturday, it basically rained all day!)

I get so excited about events and meditating with my girls LIVE that I decided I want to host more live events this year!

And while I'm already planning a next weekend event in a European city for later this year, I am starting with a meditation class and workshop in ZURICH!


Since everybody at my live events loves my chakra meditations, I decided to host a MEDITATION CLASS AND GLOW WORKSHOP in Zurich next month!

On May 5, you can join me for a Saturday morning meditation class in the heart of Zurich, followed by glow workshop, where we will do some powerful journaling exercises and activities to bring your chakras in flow for a balanced and glowing weekend!

You get the chance to meet some likeminded sisters who are also into meditation, self-love, and personal growth and spend a morning working on yourself! Trust me, the sisterhood aspect is usually what makes ALL the difference at my events!

A healthy and organic breakfast from James Jar & Co., a local caterer and delivery service, tea and crystal water are included in this workshop as well! Breakfasts come delivered in eco friendly glass jars, which you can even keep and take home as a little gift!

After this Glow Circle experience, you will go home feeling balanced, at peace with yourself, and with an overflowing heart full of love!

Saturday, May 5
NOW Meditation Studio at Zurich Main Station


Spots are limited to 8 women only, so act fast and click here to get your ticket now!

Plus: When you sign up with your bestie, both of you get a FREE GIFT!

See you there!