REVIEW: The Glow Camp in Thailand (Pt. 3)


Finally, we're getting to the workshops we did in Thailand last month!

DAY 1 + 2

Everybody got to know each other and had fun at Nikki Beach hotel for a yummy brunch, party and sun beds!

Once we arrived at the villa, we started with the first workshop! After our initial chakra meditation, we tapped into our past. Into the old stories we keep telling ourselves. Into the anxieties and the fears that keep us so blocked sometimes. We went back to traumatic situations and people who can make our lives difficult sometimes.

Lots of tears were shed on that very first day. Within the first 30 minutes actually. Now you may be thinking "OMG, I would never wanna cry in front of strangers!?"

Trust me. These tears were real. These tears were so needed. These tears were so relieving!

We often hold on to this stuff for way too long. It's not easy to find yourself in a situation where you feel understood and can just let go and share how we're REALLY feeling... So:

We forgave.

We cried.

We hugged.

We encouraged each other.

We loved and supported each other.

As a final ceremony to this #letgoandglow workshop, we sat at the bonfire at our private beach and burned all our fears and forgiveness letters!

It was such an emotional moment - and the fire had a really hard time burning our letters actually! Funny how sometimes, there is so much resistance around letting go!

This moment really brought everyone closer together and was just so magical!

Day 2 was focused on more clearing and letting go and we had a strong focus on the root chakra (fears and insecurities are stored here) and the sacral chakra (where we store emotional experiences, creativity, self-worth), where everybody had huge revelations and aha moments



Day 3 was all about being present. We talked about gratitude, self-care and really focused on the solar plexus chakra.

This chakra is responsible for shining your light and being in your true power. When you're motivated, aligned and self-confident, reaching your goals can be really easy!

We did a little visualisation where I had the girls imagine how they're taking in the energy of the sun to fuel themselves and charge their batteries. So powerful!

The girls really understood that they are the only ones that can really stand in their own way! Yap, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], that's how it is!

DAY 4 + 5

Day 4 and 5 were clearly focused on the future. How do you want to live your life? What does living a glowing life mean to you? Where do you see yourself in the next year, 5 years, 10 years? What is the lifestyle you want to live? Who are you becoming? Who is with you and why?

All of these questions helped the girls get more clarity. While knowing you want a "better" life is a first step, it is way too unclear for the universe to deliver to you! Clarity is the no. 1 thing you need in order to reach your goals and manifest your dreams.

These sessions were so powerful, because everybody was so in tune, got lots of creative ideas, and was clearly in GLOW FLOW!

While the first day was definitely the most intense one, every single woman had a breakthrough at a different point throughout the retreat.

Not everybody works the same way. Not everybody is in the same stage of their personal development. For some, it may take longer to talk about personal experiences, while for others, it can come really easy to share. It really doesn't matter.

Whatever path you're going is ok. Whatever speed you're going is ok. YOU know best what's right for you.

But know that you DESERVE to live a glowing life no matter what!

You are not your past. Your past does not define you.

You can decide in ANY moment that you want things to change. And then go do it!



Traveling with the right people (aka tribe!) has clearly changed a lot in my life! It gives me the feeling of freedom, I feel safe and protected, and can just be my TRUEST self!

All of my glow campers have experienced just that, too! They overcame their fears of traveling alone, of traveling across the globe to a country they've never been before, going on a retreat with complete STRANGERS, and just had the best time of their lives while discovering a new culture.

This may sound so out of reach for you right now, but it can actually be really easy.



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