What Is Your Gift For Yourself?

Only 5 days left until Christmas!! Isn’t that crazy? Lots of department stores and shopping malls are glittery and look glamorous, and are full of people stressing around for their last minute Christmas gifts! If you’re still looking for some presents, you can find amazing and very personal ideas in the Holiday Beauty Gift Guide, including luxurious skin care and makeup products, brushes, and health and beauty sessions!

Also, do you have a gift for YOURSELF yet?

We always think about what we want to give to others, but should also give to ourselves. There’s already a present for myself under my Christmas tree, and I have a few more that I’ll be adding this week. So think about what you want to give to yourself this year, too!

And I have an (inside beauty) gift for you at the end of this post!

Does Christmas sometimes feel overwhelming for you? It definitely does to me! I used to work in a shopping mall and spent weeks working next to Christmas trees, jingle bells, and all sorts of presents! It was a crazy time, and I was always very happy when I could get home, make myself a cup of tea, and relax in my cosy bed! I loved (and still love) spending time by myself, and in case you also want to escape from the crazy holiday hype, there’s a reflection exercise further down that you can do (keep reading).

Time for Love and Glamour

When I was still working in the mall a few years back, I was often stressed out and definitely put myself last! Now that I have a different schedule, I enjoy these months so much more! I love baking Christmas treats, home cooking, and crafting presents for my family. The holidays are usually the time of the year when I spend more time with my family and loved ones, which makes me really happy! I can’t wait for the coming weekend to enjoy some quality time with good food, candles, and lots of love!

Reflections Exercise (part of The Beauty Reflections Workbook)

I’m so in love with this time of the year, and I always take advantage to look back and reflect on what has happened throughout the year. Are you ready for this, too?? LOL believe me, my life has changed completely ever since I started journaling, writing down goals, thoughts, and successes! Now take a piece of paper (or your journal, if you have one already!), and answer these questions for yourself:

  • What have I achieved this year? 
  • What has made me especially happy this year? 
  • What am I most proud of? 
  • Who did I meet that totally changed my life? 
  • What did I not achieve that I really wanted? What might be the reason for not achieving it?
  • What do I think about myself? (“I’m a nice person, I’m friendly…” is not enough! Be honest here and go deep into your feelings!! Are you unhappy? Often stressed? Always say yes when you actually want to say no?)
  • Where are you stuck and ready for change?

How did it feel doing this exercise? What surprised you most? Was it fun? I LOVE these kinds of activities! It always makes me feel lighter, but also empowered to rock the next episode of my life fully!! Are you ready for more?? 

This exercise is actually part of my Glamorous Holiday Makeup Course, but since I KNOW you would love this, I thought I would share some of the questions in this post already as my personal Christmas gift for you!! You can access the complete FREE WORKBOOK here! The Beauty Reflections Workbook is full of questions that guide you while looking back on what has happened in the last 12 months.

>Yes, I want the FREE WORKBOOK!

Ready to Look and Feel Glamorous!

If you’re ready to go and start creating amazing glam looks, including tips for simple everyday makeup looks and lots of beauty expert tips, you can access my Glamorous Holiday Makeup Course here! Happy *glamming*!