How To Create Healthy Holiday Rituals

How does it make you feel when you walk into a department store and everything is full of Christmas decoration and glimmer and all you hear is Christmas songs? There are only 41 days left until it's Christmas again!


  • stressed out, because your calendar is already filling up with dinners and parties.
  • desparate, because the year is coming to an end and you haven't accomplished what you dreamed of this year.
  • anxious, because you will have a hard time saying NO to all the candies, the cookies, and the desserts!
  • frustrated, because you didn't get back to those healthy eating and workout goals you had set for yourself on Jan 1.
  • overwhelmed, because you don't know when to get all the presents - not to mention WHAT to get for them!
  • sad, because you're going to celebrate alone again, which will give you these feelings of loneliness...

Trust me, I had ALL of these feelings in the past and know exactly what it's like... NOT FUN!! 

When I was still working full time as a Manager in a mall store, I couldn't listen to any more jingle bells and was so sick of Christmas trees!

  • Today, I don't spend much time outside in overfilled stores anymore. 
  • Today, I don't spend money on gifts for people who I don't TRULY love. 
  • Today, I think about myself FIRST and do what feels good for me, before I start helping others all the time.
  • Today, I actually LOVE this season, and love spending time in the kitchen baking, or drinking tea with mom and my little sis, and sitting by the fireplace with my dad and just talk about life.


Let this year be a FUN holiday season

Let this be the season where you PRIORITIZE yourself and not just think about others first, where you eat for your health, not for your body weight. 

Let this be the time of your life where you truly reflect on what went WELL this yearinstead of focusing on all the things that didn't go as planned.


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Talk to you later, beautiful! Love & Glow, Martina xx

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