Confession: I Screwed Up Last Week!

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Last week did NOT go as planned. I wanted to write some inspiring emails, I had lots of calls scheduled with amazing women, I had meetings with my clients. I was going to meet some local influencers and exchange experiences with them. I was going to go boxing to get back on track with my workout. I was going to create this new program that I'm really excited about. I was going to feel just AH-MAA-ZING!

Instead, I was in bed all week... I didn't have great ideas. I didn't feel inspired. I didn't really feel connected either. I was sick with a really bad cold, and even lost my voice. I didn't get ANY of the things done I had planned to do - even worse. I had to CANCEL EVERYTHING! I literally made my schedule free from any appointment that was on there.

So here's the thing: Sometimes, things don't go as planned and we need to adjust our speed to what feels good right now.


While I had made this exact plan to successfully get through the week with a big bang, my body had other plans. It needed a rest and recharge some batteries. Sometimes, our mind goes crazy and thinks we can do way more than what we can actually handle. So my body told me to stop and take a break.


Our bodies are pretty insane. The heart never misses a beat, the lungs don't forget to breathe. When there's a wound somewhere, it repairs itself quickly. We need to learn to trust our bodies more.

If you're anything like me who doesn't take chemical remedies for any kind of disease - unless my life depends on it - you may know that the body CAN heal itself. It just takes a bit longer than with chemical help. I'm happy to say that I healed my cold with fresh ginger, hot lemon teas, rosemary baths, thyme and sage tea, and some natural remedies my amazing holistic doctor gave me.


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