[Lesson 2] Show Up For Yourself


I'm writing you from Saas-Fee, a small village in the Swiss mountains, where I'm currently planning and dreaming with one of my clients from my 2019 Mastermind program.

And here's my lesson #2: YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP 

The second thing I learned in my business and life in 2018: In order to live a fulfilled and exciting life where you wake up in the morning and feel blessed for what you do and grateful for your life, you have to show up. Showing up can mean a couple of different things. 

Showing up really means...

...to face your fears. When you feel resistance, it means there’s something that you can unblock and work through. Yes, it’s scary, but it’s the only way to get over your fears.

...to be courageous and do things you’ve never done before. Your dreams and desires are currently outside of your comfort zone - which means you need to leave your comfort zone to get there.

...to show up for yourself on a daily basis and connect with yourself, your emotions, your thoughts through prayer, meditation, journaling, me-time. With all the noise that’s going on in the world, it will be impossible otherwise.

...to listen to your heart and go fo what it desires. If a dream just stays a dream, you will never make it happen. You have to show up and take action to make your dreams come true.

It's all about taking one step at a time

2018 has been a massive growth year for me and my business. And a big reason why is because I’ve built a pretty consistent morning practice where I take time for myself, usually from 9-10am, do some breathing, movement, a meditation, a visualization, a healthy breakfast.

Here's what your life can look like when you show up

The girl on the photo with me is one of my Mastermind ladies and has shown up massively for herself in 2018.

She completed her Yoga teacher training, started teaching classes in her home town Saas-Fee in Switzerland, and is now being certified as a health coach ready to take clients! She went from student life to creating a consistent income with her yoga business, has a business plan (the “glow” way) that FEELS good to her, created her own website, and today, we were mapping out her 2019 in this beautiful spot in the mountains.

Isn't that amazing?! So much can happen in so little time when you show up.

You are ready now

When you’re willing to dream big, face the fears, and show up for yourself, everything is possible! 

If you have this dream of starting your wellness business in this new year, but are feeling overwhelmed and don't even know HOW to show up for it, Glow Business School is starting at the end of January! Hit reply or click here to learn more.

If I can do it, and my clients can do it, you can so do it, too, and building a wellness empire that feels incredible in your heart and has the power to change the world is just a decision away.