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When I first saw THE TRUE COST documentary about the fast fashion industry and how polluting and unethical it is, my clothing consumption completely stopped. I was 100% unable to spend money on anything that wasn’t transparent, produced in an ethical way and fair trade. I was in shock for at least a year.


I don’t like to talk about lots of negativity in general, as I believe focusing on that leaves us with even more negativity. But when it comes to fashion, I really think everybody should know what’s going on here.


Instead of focusing on all the bad things though, there’s lots of amazing stuff happening as well!! More and more brands produce locally, there are clothing swaps somewhere almost every weekend, and brands start to be more transparent about their supply chain.


I really don’t think we should be buying tons of clothing to make us feel rich, cover up our inside insecurities to look cool on the outside while the people who make our clothes don’t even have time and money to go see their families.


There needs to be more balance in this world. And this balance starts with YOU! You vote with your dollars and say what you want. The more cheap sweat shop clothing you buy, there more these companies are going to produce. The more waste there will be.


Lots of people admire me, because I get to travel so often and get to experience so many adventures all the time.


And I have to say that a big part of it is that I just spend my money differently. I buy a few very consciously picked pieces of clothing a year. Probably less than 5. And spend my money on traveling, which is where I learn to become a better person, get to know different cultures and ways of living and see again and again how lucky I am to be, so and have all the amazing things in my life.


So next time you’re about to buy a new piece of clothing, ask yourself if it’s maybe time to slow down with your consumption and take a step back.

Together, we can make a difference. It all starts with YOU and I! ️ Lets make this world a better place!


On Saturday, April 28, we’re celebrating fashion revolution day at Kraftwerk in Zurich! Find over 30 sustainable fashion brands, interesting presentations, panel discussion, film screenings, fashion show and more! For more info, go to fashionrevolution.org/Switzerland

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