People Think I Never Struggle?!

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I had a few women approach me saying that it stresses them out that I always look happy and like I never have issues! LOL so not true :) So I decided to make a post about this and share it with you all here. Because YES, I am always happy, but it doesn't mean life is always easy over here either! :)

People sometimes think that I'm always happy and that my life is just a sweet little dream. Well... yes AND no!


Of course me too, I have bad days! I sometimes wakeup and just wanna stay in bed all day!! Not leave the house and sleep. It is OK to have ups and downs! Nobody is perfect and no life is perfect. We all have struggles from time to time.

My life hasn't always been this pretty. I was bullied as a little girl, never really had a best friend I could tell everything and who was always there for me. I never spoke about my struggles and my sorrows with anyone, I swallowed it ALL! I had SO MUCH sadness and loneliness inside of me FOR YEARS! I just didn't show it on the outside. I pretended to be that girl that has everything together. I always tried to fit in and be "cool".


I was successful in my job as a manager. I loved it! But it didn't make me happy the way my work makes me happy right now. I worked for someone else's dream, not for MY dream. I was trying to fit in, once again. Into that thing society sees as "successful". Which means having a certain position at a successful company, working lots of hours, and coming home on the weekend saying "I worked really hard this week!" And that's so NOT what I want from life!


I mean, who needs my coaching services? Who would come to Thailand on a retreat with me? I mean, with ME?!? Seriously, girls, I have these fears and doubts all the time! 

BUT HERE'S THE THING: I learned how to manage them. I learned what it means when my mean girl kicks in and tells me what I can't do and that I'm basically worth nothing! I know how to talk to her and how to keep her quiet! Anytime we grow, fears come up! Anytime we leave our comfort zone, our subconscious wants to keep us where we are right now! 

If there's ONE thing you need to learn, it's this: to love yourself, to manage your mind and to re-establish the connection with your intuition.

Over the last few years, I did so much work on myself, broke through so many blockages, fears, doubts that I got to know myself so much better. I am my best friend today. I just love myself. And it's not always easy. But I know how to lift myself up, I know what to do when I have a bad day. And I know that I have a mission on this earth. My ego has nothing to say here! My higher self guides me where I need to go. And I TRUST. That life is good with me ❤️ And life is good with all of us. The question is do you let it be good with you...? Trust me that if I can do this, you can so do this too!! Here to help if you're going through hard times right now! Just email me here:

Sending you all my love!
xx Martina