The 3 Things I Did To Prioritize Myself This Year


I spent last weekend christmassing in Milan, overindulging in real Italian Pizza and high quality truffle covered pasta!

I'm also using this time to reflect on 2017. It's always good to be away from home to do such fun activities to kinda see the bigger picture more easily.

But before I'm sharing details about my next free training, I want to share some of my personal stories with you...

So as I'm sitting down mind-wandering over the last 12 months, I'm feeling so much gratitude, peace, and excitement! 

Let me share some of my top 3 favorite things I did this year with you:

  1. I decided to be my REAL me. I decided to rebrand everything. I took down my old website, which was nice, but not 100% reflecting me. I was still hiding behind that website. Today, is my all - my fears, my story, my courses, my blog, my opinions, and all my love. I've made it my real face and I'm talking about my raw stories right on the website - nothing to hide! This was clearly a big step for me and required a lot of courage to actually go out there and shed my "protection layers".

    MY TAKEAWAY: No need to hide. Just be your true self and everything else will fall into place :) 
  2. I went to Bali on a business retreat with my coaches. It was the first time for me that I would travel alone to an event with women from all over the world that I had NOT known before. A few days before the flight, I got terrified! I only cried and didn't want to go!! I had social anxiety and was freaking scared of meeting strangers - I mean, what would they think of me? What if they don't like me and I have to share rooms and villa during the entire retreat? What if we don't get along? What happened then: I not only LOVED all of the women I met, we have become close friends and support each other through everything today!

    MY TAKEAWAY: Do at least 1 real big thing that pushes you waayyyy out of your comfort zone every year!
  3. I launched my group course Glow School for the first time. When I was in Bali in April, I was still scared to death about launching my first ever group program. What if no-one wants it? What if no-one signs up? What if like no-body needs anything of what I had to share about holistic health, beauty, and self-confidence? What if I just FAIL in everything? Luckily, I got pushed by my coaches and my new Bali girlfriends and took the leap. I launched the course and it almost sold out within only a few days! I could not believe it and it made me so happy!

    MY TAKEAWAY: If you think you can't do it by yourself, but really want to do it, ask for help - a coach, a mentor, a girlfriend who gets you. They can help you move past your fears.

I could list many more stories like these, because looking back, 2017 has truly been an amazing year for me!

But here's the thing: Had I only focused on all the FEARS I had, had I believed all those stories that came up in my mind, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere! 

I would still hide behind my old website (which was not even 100% in my control, because I needed a developer to do every little thing for me).

I would still sit back home, lonely and without my new girlfriends who are just so aligned with me and with whom I can just be myself.

I would still worry about my course and if EVER anyone would sign up! How awful!!!!

Instead, ROUND 2 of Glow School is now open for enrollment and I am already SO in love with all the women in this course!! We're starting Jan 1 and it's bigger, better, and much more LUXE and glowing than ever before! (Click here to learn more about Glow School). 

So you may be asking: What exactly did I do to make all of this happen?


I had this dream. This dream of supporting women. This dream of women feeling uber-confident and beautiful and working on their dreams as well. I had this dream of working with women from all over the world, of traveling with them and hosting retreats worldwide. I had this dream of being a role model and an inspiration to others who can't figure it out by themselves.

And I knew that if I didn't show up for THEM, I would be able to help them. I knew that if I kept hiding, no-one would find me and ask for help. 

So I decided to prioritize myself this year!!

I decided to do whatever it takes to get closer to my dream of helping other women go through their pains and fears.

I decided to show up big time with my message and my deep desires of supporting this community.

I decided to move my fears out of the way and DO IT ANYWAY.

So all I really did was this: I put myself first. In every decision I had to take, I asked myself: what would bring me closer to where I wanted to be?

Of course, that also meant that I said no to friends sometimes. I said no to some cooperations. I said no to some trips. I said no to some of other people's ideas. I said no to anything that was distracting me from what I wanted.


And since saying YES to yourself is SO important if you're on a journey to living your dream lifestyle, I wanna talk to you more about this! 


That's why I'm hosting a FREE TRAINING on Tuesday, Dec 19! 

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I'll be sharing the exact steps I took to heal my insecurities and how you can do it, too! I want you to live life on your terms in 2018 and no longer go for mediocrity, for compromises, and for the not-glow! You deserve the Glow and I can help you get it!

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I can't wait to help you prioritize yourself in the new year and finally get that glowing life (in whatever form you desire!) that you SO deserve!

Love & Glow,
Martina xx