Traveling With Intention: The ONLY Reason Why I Travel Nowadays

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Hello from Bonaire in the Caribbean, where I've been for about two weeks now. I want to talk a bit more about travel today, because I noticed people have different reasons why they travel (and no, I don't normally travel with these kinds of dresses and shoes ;)).

What are your main reasons why you travel? To escape reality? To recover from all the stress you’re experiencing at work? To experience a new culture? To learn a new language?

Over the last few years, I’ve started to build this new habit, which gives my travel a purpose and has become more than just a getaway from “real life” to then come back into reality and live life like I did before. This is what my vacations were like when I was still a full-time employee, but luckily, this is no longer the case!


I’ve started to travel with intention. Traveling with intention means that I’m giving my travel meaning and a purpose that feels exciting to get away and come home feeling like I'm a new woman. 

In the last few years, I’ve gone...

...on a business retreat to Bali to learn how to launch my very first online course Glow School (click here to be added to the waitlist for when it opens again very soon!)

...on a meditation retreat to master the art of meditation and a daily yoga practice,which is why I’m doing yoga every morning now (and no, I’m not a pro at all) different places to practice kitesurfing, which is also one of the main reasons why we’re on Bonaire in the Caribbean now. So much fun!

...on a trip to Bali (again) with my love, my family and my best friend Udhara (who was also just on my podcast this week, click here to listen to this episode!). my best friends’ weddings to Thailand, Greece, and Spain and had the most magical celebrations with them. several mastermind events in the US, Canada, and Paris with my mentors, where I worked on myself, got to know myself better and took my life and business to new heights every time I came home!

I travel, because it excites me to learn something new or experience a massive shift in my life that I proactively work on during my trips. 

That's why I travel with intention.


You deserve a trip with a meaningful intention as well! And you know what? I have it all organized for you :)

From May 26-31, we’re going to up the self-love and luxury in our private beach villa in Greece!


Expect a luxurious setting, the perfect space for lots of healing, self-love work, reiki vibes, next level confidence, clarity about things that are going on in your life, new found direction, big dreams revealed to you... 

Expect to make new friends, celebrate yourself (when did you last do this???), and have tons of fun jumping in the pool with our mascotte Glowy, a unicorn floatie that's always with us!

Expect that you will go home as a transformed woman that feels so confident with herself, loves herself so much more, and feels more connected to herself than ever before. #helloglowlife!

Click here to learn more and sign up for this Greece Retreat now!

This is where you will be staying with me:

Images from    here   .

Images from here.


  • 5 nights in our exclusive private beach villa with our infinity pool for daily pool breaks 

  • A private chef who takes care of all our healthy meals (everything is all included) 

  • 6 days of deep dive workshops with a tribe of likeminded and ambitious women 

  • Guided meditations and rituals to start and end our days in high vibration 

  • A mini photoshoot plus lots of photos of our entire retreat experience 

  • A Bohemian style celebration dinner party 

  • Airport transfer on arrival and departure days 

  • A 1:1 prep call and a wrap up call before and after the retreat 

  • and so much more... 

And of course, I have some special surprises for my girls in stock as well... ;)

The sad news: There are only 3 spots left for this experience! It's time you make up your mind.

Click here to learn more and sign up for this Greece Retreat now.

Wanna talk to me first? Click here to book a call with me and I will answer all your questions about the retreat. 

See you in Greece? I seriously cannot wait!

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